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Title: So close, so far 05/12
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: AU, fantasy, romantic, angst
Pairing: Junba, Sakuraiba, Ohmiya, JunxOC
Summary: Prince Aiba is the future king of Rainbow Kingdom who has to choose his future partner between marquis Sakurai and earl Matsumoto. The choice seems easy for Aiba who already loves one of them but what if a spell brings him far away from him? Can he believe in him or will he fall in the stained arms of the other?

"Sakurai-san is dead." Those words were still echoing in Aiba's mind.

"It can't be true, there's surely some misunderstanding." He repeated and repeated while Ohno and Ninomiya accompanied him where the dead body was kept. Aiba couldn't believe that Sakurai killed himself. He wasn't that kind of man; he would never do something like that. But more importantly why? What did he wish to die for? He couldn't find any answer. His heart was beating crazily and on his pale face, all his confusion was shown. They finally arrived in front of a dark door in the infirmary of the palace. Ninomiya knocked on it and the door was immediately opened by the royal doctor.

"Prince Aiba. I was waiting for you." He said making way for the three to go in. "Sakurai's corpse is in the other room. I have to warn you, my prince, that it's not something good to see."

"It's a corpse. He's not stupid." Ninomiya stated and gave a cold stare to the royal doctor.

"I'm sorry." The royal doctor bowed and disappeared in the room where the body was kept.

"Are you sure?" Ohno asked and patted Aiba's shoulder to give him some courage.

"Hai." The prince replied with a trembling voice. He slowly entered the room and approached the bed where the body was lying. He stopped next to it and waited for the royal doctor to take away the white blanket that was covering the corpse. Ninomiya and Ohno were right behind the prince to help and comfort him. Especially the black magician. He wanted to help Aiba as much as he could because he was feeling guilty for what has happened. He was the one to blame for Sakurai's death but his spell was just a joke, he didn't want to harm anybody. He never thought that Sakurai could kill himself.

When the royal doctor finally took away the blanket, Aiba brought a hand to his mouth. The corpse in front of him was unrecognizable. His face was covered with injuries and nobody could say if it was really Sakurai. Masaki opened his mouth to say something but those words didn't come out. His look blurred from tears and Ohno had to hold him.

"Are you sure that he's the marquis Sakurai?" Ninomiya asked in a low voice, his throat dry from the shock.

"Yes, his father recognized him already." The royal doctor immediately replied.

Aiba tried to stand on his feet although his knees were shaking and looked at Sakurai's body for one last time when he noticed something.

"Where's the scar?" He asked.

"What scar?" Nino and Ohno said together confused.

"Just under his bellybutton." Masaki indicated Sho's belly. "He had a little scar since he was a child."

"Are you sure?" Nino asked and hoped that the prince was right. Maybe that man lying in front of them wasn't Sakurai. Maybe the marquis was still alive.

"How do you know something like that?" The royal doctor questioned and the prince felt a suspicious look on him. He couldn't reveal that he had an affair with Sho because he would be exiled and if Sakurai was still alive, the king would look for him and kill him.

"I..." He hesitated because he didn't know what to say or better he didn't know how to lie.

"That's rude of you to ask something like that." Ohno butted in and looked straight in the royal doctor's eyes. "Of course the prince knows. He was there when the accident happened. Don't you know that the prince and Sakurai are childhood friends? Otherwise what would the prince do here checking on Sakurai's body?" The white magician kept on spitting his lie with a confident tone that scared the royal doctor.

"I... I had enough." Aiba stated with trembling voice and went away followed immediately by a still shocked and pale Ninomiya and Ohno who didn't lose the chance to give a last threatening look to the royal doctor.

When they were far enough from the infirmary, Ninomiya asked if the prince was sure of what he saw or better didn't see.

"Of course! I need to find Sho! I'm sure he's waiting for me at the cottage." Masaki mumbled to himself and before the magicians could stop him, he rushed out of the palace.

"What do we do now?" Nino asked with a soft voice and stared blankly at the spot where the prince left. Ohno couldn't stand to watch his lover in that state. He hugged him tightly and whispered gently in his ear:
"Don't worry. I think I already figured a way to solve the matter."

"Really?" Nino asked surprised and the white magician nodded and smiled.

"Follow the prince. Make sure he won't do anything stupid. But don't tell him anything about the curse. He doesn't have to know anything if we want to break the curse. I'll look for Sakurai."

"Ok." Ninomiya agreed immediately and followed the prince but stopped just some step later.

"Satoshi..." He murmured with a slight pink painting his cheeks.



The white magician smiled brightly but Nino couldn't see it because he already ran away embarrassed.


The time passed by slowly and Sho didn't even notice when he fell asleep or how much time he slept, cuddling on Aiba's bed. He was abruptly woke up by the door slammed open by Ohno. "You're here, aren't you?" The magician said with loud voice closing the door.

Sho was puzzled because ... Ohno couldn't see him, right? So with whom was he talking?

"Sakurai-san. Are you here?" The white magician repeated.

"Yes! Yes, I'm here!" Sho shouted running towards the newcomer but Ohno couldn't hear him. The marquis thought of a way to show himself and an idea popped in his mind. If he could sit on the bed, maybe he could use the sheets to cover himself. Unfortunately the sheets became invisible when they touched his body but the disappearance wasn't unnoticed by Ohno.

"Sakurai-san. I'm sure you're here." Ohno began to speak looking at the point where the sheets disappeared. "I can't see nor hear you, but you can."

Sho nodded before calling himself stupid. "He can't hear, ne~? You're such a stupid, Sho."

"Oh, you're not stupid, Sakurai-san." Ohno replied with a bright smile and Sakurai looked at him shocked.

"Can you hear me?"

"Of course now that Masaki-chan is away and I can also see you. Now sit down." The magician gestured the marquis to sit on the bed and he sat right next to him. "We have a lot to talk about."


Date: 2013-09-30 07:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
uff!! So Masaki knows that the corpse isn't Sho, because the scar... hihihi osmething that somenone that has been so close to Sho only can know xD

So Nino and Ohno knew that Sho wasn't dead, ne? And now Ohno can see Sho!! yatta!!!! Now they can plan something.

Thanks for your hard work and waiting for more!!!!! ^.^

Date: 2013-09-30 10:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Masaki know that the corpse isn't Sho,, that's good because he still believe Sho is alive :)
Ohno can see Sho,, I hope he can help Sho
thank you for this

Date: 2013-10-01 04:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohmiya love! ^-^

Happy that sho's alive!! but why Ohno can see when Aiba's so far away? ahh I hope Ohno can help them

thank you for update!

Date: 2013-10-01 02:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Incomincio a volerti bene di nuovo perchè Sakurai non è bullato da nessuno in questo capitolo =w=

Date: 2013-10-01 05:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's a relief to know that Sakurai didn't die. I bet it's part of Matsumoto's plan to feign Sakurai's death. Thanks for posting!^^


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