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Title: So close, so far 03/12
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: fantasy, romantic, angst
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Junba, Ohmiya
Summary: Prince Aiba is the future king of Rainbow Kingdom who has to choose his future partner between marquis Sakurai and earl Matsumoto. The choice seems easy for Aiba who already loves one of them but what if a spell brings him far away from him? Can he believe in him or will he fall in the stained arms of the other?

When prince and marquis arrived at the little cottage, they left the horses in the box behind the building and went inside. "I will prepare something to eat." Aiba said cheerfully. "Any preferences?"

"You." Sakurai replied and hugged the prince behind his back, kissing his neck. The heir thanked the dim light and the fact that Sakurai couldn't see his face because he was blushing deeply. He stayed still because he didn't actually know what to do. Different feelings of fear and joy were battling in his heart. "Please..." Marquis whispered in his ear. "Don't turn me down."

Aiba closed his eyes and sighed. "I won't but..." The prince paused and turned around, looking straight into his new lover's eyes. "Are you sure about this?" Sakurai just smiled and caressed the taller man's cheek so Aiba went on. "Do you know what could happen to you if my father knew about us?"

"I know and I'm ready to lose anything for you, even my life."

"You can't be serious! Don't even think of it!" Masaki cried out with a concerned and shocked look and Sakurai, surprised at first, laughed and took Aiba's hands in his.

"You're funny. Do you really think I would say something like that if I'm not serious?" He asked and led the prince to the couch where they sat. The heir still had a worried expression so Sakurai tightened the grip on Aiba's hands and stated, "I'm going to make a promise with you." He paused a little and fixed his lover's eyes with a serious and decisive look. "Whatever will happen from now on, I promise that I will always find a way to come back to you. Even if I'm imprisoned or exiled, I'll come back to you."

Aiba stared at his lover with teary eyes. His heart was filled with worry and the worst scenarios showed in his mind. With his finger, marquis captured a tear that just fell on Aiba's cheek and sweetly smiled before saying: "I love you, Masaki."

The prince couldn't hold his tears anymore. The confession and the promise but also the only presence of Sakurai was enough to make his heart burst for happiness. Sho slowly leaned closer and gently pecked his lips. It was salty but so tender that Masaki closed his wet eyes and drowned himself into his lover's strong arms.

"I love you too." He whispered in the kiss and felt Sakurai's lips curve in a smile but before he could do or say anything more, marquis transformed the sweet kiss in a passionate one and with his body, he made the prince lie on the couch. Masaki put a hand in Sho's hair to deepen the kiss and savored Sakurai's mouth with his tongue like it was the tastiest fruit in the whole kingdom. On the other hand Sakurai let his desire lead him completely and he explored every inch of Aiba's body while taking out his white shirt. He started to tease Masaki's nipples with his fingers and pressed a knee on the already awake prince’s bulge who moaned loudly before playfully biting Sho's lips.

"Are you hungry?" Sakurai joked and kissed Aiba's neck upon tracing his jaw with his tongue. Although the sensation was very good, the prince pushed marquis away and with a teasing giggle, he ordered with his husky and lustful voice:
"Follow me." And he ran in the bedroom, immediately followed by Sakurai who took the prince by his hips and captured his lips again upon making both of them fall on the bed.

They were already half naked but it wasn't enough so Sho played a bit with Masaki's belt before undressing him completely. Aiba shivered at the cold sensation but he didn’t have the time to adjust because Sakurai took the tip of his member in his own mouth and started to suck eagerly while teasing Masaki's hole with his index and middle fingers. The prince was enjoying the blowjob too much and didn't expect the sudden intrusion of Sakurai's two fingers at all which scissored Aiba's hole for a while. The intrusion ended as sudden as it started and with it, the crazy sucking stopped as well.

Sakurai lovingly gazed at the red cheeks and half closed eyelids of his lover who was panting with his lips swollen from all the kisses. That scenery aroused marquis more and more because he could clearly read 'LUST' written in capital letters all over Masaki's face. Sakurai once again reached to those juicy lips with his own before asking:

"Are you sure about it?"

Masaki giggled and brushed lightly Sho's nose with his lips while putting his arms behind Sakurai's neck. "I am if you are." He whispered staring at the man on him. Without waiting more, Sakurai took hold of Masaki's hips and with a fast thrust, he fully entered in his lover who bit his lips to endure the pain. Sho immediately started to leave light pecks on Aiba's face to make him relax but the prince took Sakurai's face in his hands and attacked his plump lips hungrily. After a while, he felt better and began to move his hips to follow Sakurai's thrusts. The pleasure grew when Sho reached for Aiba's sweet spot and thanks to the long teasing and foreplay, they soon reached their peak. Sho grabbed his lover's length and began to pump it while he thrust inside Masaki with more speed reaching their peak together.

They lay next to each other entangling their hands and when finally Masaki gained back his normal breath, he hugged Sakurai whose eyes were still closed. "Your heart is beating fast." The prince stated and giggled.

"If you count every beat, you will know how much I love you." Sho replied putting an arm around Masaki's shoulders.

"It would take an eternity. It's impossible!"

"Just like our love. Impossible but eternal." Sakurai kissed his lover's forehead while the other blushed deeply and hid his face in Sho's chest. Marquis smiled pleased and felt his heart finally fill with happiness. He sweetly murmured good night to Masaki who raised his head to kiss him and whispered in his lips: "Sweet dreams."

They fell asleep soon after, hugging each other dearly. Their worries and fears were still far away from that little cottage.


The queen lied on her bed wearing only a black little dress and sexy underwear of silk. She was staring at the mirror next to the bed where her gorgeous body was reflected and she smiled pleased.

"Are you enjoying yourself, my queen?" A voice startled the woman who immediately looked at the door. She smirked playfully when she recognized the man.

"You're late." The queen said and got up while the newcomer approached her and captured her lips with his own in a passionate kiss.

"I knew you would wait for me anyway." He said holding the woman from her hips and pushing her down on the bed.

"You're unfair, Matsumoto-sama." The queen pouted unbuttoning the man's shirt. He immediately stopped her, tightly holding her wrist and with a serious look and an angry tone, he said:
"Don't call me like that! It makes us look like strangers and I don't like it."

"I know." The Queen replied with a playful smirk. "That's why I said it. I'm in love with your angry face. It makes me want to kiss you more and more." She caressed Matsumoto's cheek, her eyes full of lust before she hungrily kissed him.

"You're evil." He murmured in between the kiss.

"If not, you wouldn't like me. Am I wrong?"

The man replied just with a cunning smile before attacking her lips with desire.

As all of you already realized, the woman was the queen, Masaki's step-mother and the second wife of the king, but the man wasn't the king himself. The queen was indeed having an affair with one of the most important noble men of the kingdom: the earl Matsumoto Jun, a gorgeous and moody man who was able to do anything just to have what he wanted. Like with the queen. He fell in love at first sight and immediately tried to win her heart. He didn't mind that she was out of his reach because actually in his mind nothing was out if his reach. It wasn't easy at all because the queen was very careful not to disappoint his husband but in the end she fell for the earl. Now they became secret lovers and all that fear and empathy was exciting for both of them.

"Did you convince him?" Matsumoto asked hugging the woman who was almost asleep.

"The king or that little cockroach?" She asked back with a tired tone, before leaving a sweet kiss on the earl's shoulder.

"Both." Matsumoto replied dry. He didn't like when someone answered back with another question.

"The little fairy is still wavering but the king is almost convinced. He decided to let the prince choose between the marquis Sakurai and you."

"I thought you already settled everything!" The earl cried out with sudden anger, pushing away his lover. "I don't like to lose and you know it!"

"Do you think it's simple to talk to that little fairy? I tried my best but he's not someone who can be tricked easily!" The woman shouted.

Matsumoto got up with rage and when he was perfectly dressed up, he threatened: "I'll do things in my own way." And with that said, he left silently as when he entered.


After their second meeting, the prince and marquis tried to meet every evening. The little cottage was their secret place where they spent their evenings together and after a few times it became a routine. Every day Aiba went to the little cottage around 7PM and prepared something to eat while Sho arrived a bit later, greeted the prince with a tight hug and a kiss and they had dinner before lying on the couch to talk about each other's happenings during the day or their future and their worries or most of the time making out here and there in the little cottage. The prince felt very happy and it showed in all of his actions. Although he had always a smile painted on his face with anyone, lately his smile was different. It was true and warm and he had a sweet word for anyone, also the servants or the hated crawlers.

Almost a month passed by from his birthday when suddenly, during a sunny afternoon, the king wanted to talk to him. Aiba went in the usual big room where his father always received his guests and found him and his wife sitting at their respective places. "Masaki, you're finally here." The king stated with a big smile and gestured his son to sit in front of them. The prince did as told and looked suspiciously at his father and his step-mother. He already suspected that it was something related to his marriage but knowing his father, he was expecting something more sumptuous than a private meeting. "I called you here because I need you to take an important choice." The king started and looked straight at his son. "I finally found two perfect partners for you."

Masaki's eyes widened. Two partners? What did that mean?

"I think you already know them. They're pretty famous. The marquis Sakurai and the earl Matsumoto." Aiba didn't even listen to the second name. When he heard Sho's name as candidate for his marriage, he felt his heart almost exploding. "I want you to choose between them. I organized a party this weekend for your engagement. You will announce your future husband there."

Masaki gave his father a bright and satisfied smile. He couldn't believe it yet. He was going to marry Sho and they were going to live happily ever after! "Perhaps do you already have some liking?" His step-mother asked with a smirk, hoping that his long speech about how good Matsumoto was as partner and man was worth it.

"Actually..." Masaki paused. He didn't know if it was a good idea to tell them about his feelings. It was better to be cautious. "Yes, I've already a liking between them. I came to know him better in this past weeks and I think he will be my final choice. But I've still to ponder about it." He smartly said although he already settled his mind.

"Ah, I'm curious." The queen said. "May we know who has the lead?"

"The marquis Sakurai Sho." The prince replied without giving too many thoughts anymore. He felt the need to see Sho, to tell him that they didn't have to hide anymore. So he got up, thanked his father and his step-mother with a bow and took his leave.

It was already dark outside but he was sure that Sakurai was waiting for him in their cottage. He took his horse, riding as fast as he could and when he finally arrived at the secret place, he didn't even put his horse in the stable. He rushed in the cottage and screamed Sho's name. "Sho! Where are you?"

"Masaki, you're late." Sakurai said a little worried and got up from the couch.

"Sho!" Masaki kept on screaming.

"Ohy, Masaki. You don't need to scream. I'm here." He smiled reaching for his lover.

"What time is it?" Masaki asked looking around. "Could it be that he's also late?"

"Masaki? Ohy! Masaki! I'm here! Right in front of you! HERE!" Sakurai shouted waving his hands in front of the prince but to no avail. He thought that Aiba was making a prank and so he reached one of his hands but when he grabbed it, his own hand passed through it.

"What...?" He couldn't believe at his own eyes. "What the hell is happening here?" He whispered confused.

Masaki sat on the couch and looked out of the window. Although it was already dark outside, he hoped to see Sho's horse coming from the usual path. But the marquis's horse was already in the stall and Sho was sitting right next to him and passed the whole night trying to let Masaki see or feel him gaining just fails. It was late when Masaki finally felt his eyelids closing on their own tired from the long day and the wait. Sho tried to hug him tight but again his body passed through Aiba's. A lonely tear fell on his cheek when he curled up next to his lover and fell asleep exhausted.


"Did you do what I told you?" Matsumoto asked to a short and slim man in front of him.

"Yes, Sir." Ninomiya replied with a smirk and went away without even bowing.

He was the famous black magician Ninomiya Kazunari, one of the most powerful in the whole kingdom. He wasn't just known for his excellent magic but also for his bratty behavior. He didn't have respect for anyone apart from his master. But it was already two years that his master went away on a journey and didn't come back yet. He was feeling lonely and bored and so sometimes, he liked to help rich and pampered aristocrats with some of his famous curses to earn some money.

Ninomiya went to buy a good wine with his just earned money before going home. When he opened the door with a satisfied look, he couldn't believe at what he saw in front of him. A man was soundly asleep on his couch and he immediately recognized him.

The sleeping man yawned and rubbed his eyes before stretching his arms. "Tadaima." He said calmly and smiled at Ninomiya. "Come here. I need a hug." He opened his arms as an invite.

"Tsk. You come back unannounced after two years just because you need a hug?" Ninomiya asked sarcastically.

"No." The man replied and got up approaching the black magician. "I came back because I missed you." And he hugged Ninomiya who widened his eyes in surprise and smiled happy.

"I missed you too." He whispered.


"Nothing. You're too cheesy." Ninomiya said trying to break the hug. "Leave me."

"Iia da." The man cried out like a baby.

"Leave me." Ninomiya didn't want to give up and struggled to set himself free but instead made both fall on the floor with his master on top of him. They stared at each other a bit awkwardly but then the newcomer kissed gently the black magician who replied:
"Okaeri, Satoshi."


A/N: finally all of the others characters made their appearance! ^O^ YEEEYY
and of course...HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY ARASHI!!!! ~<3
See you next week!!! <3

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