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TITLE: H presents
Author [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Genre: smut, romance
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sakuraiba
Summary: Sakurai gave some pervert birthday presents to Aiba but they didn't had the chance to try them until...
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakurai and Aiba nor the sexy toys used in this fanfiction. Well, just a couple of them LOL
a/n: I already had the idea to write a smut for Sho's birthday because that foxy smirk hides a pervert bad boy in my imagination xD This is the sequel for "Little fights lead to a great party". Just for reference, the Qipao is the typical Chinese dress that Arashi wore to celebrate Aiba's birthday. I wanted to use a Hanfu like this one ( that is more elegant but I didn't know how to justify Sho for keeping such a dress in his closet xD
And if you don't know some Italian dish that I used, I will describe them at the end of the fanfic =) Just to let you know that I didn't poison them xD

Sakurai was busy as always but now he was also irritated. It wasn't only because of the tiredness. He was missing his boyfriend. Since Christmas, Aiba was busy with Arashi's work and his new drama. He came back home always late and the sporadic times they were together alone, the sunshine boy was too tired to do anything but cuddle on the couch before falling asleep. Sho was sympathetic and didn't complain at all but there was something that he wanted to try since Aiba's birthday and the wait was bringing him to his limits. It was at that time that Masaki, being caring and lovely boyfriend as he was, asked his manager to have a day-off on Sho's birthday. The last year, Sakurai celebrated his 30th birthday but Aiba couldn't do anything special because of their busy schedules so this time he decided to surprise his lover and he was sure that the rapper would have liked it.
That morning the sunshine boy called Sakurai.
"Ehy baby, what's up?" Sho replied with a sweet tone.
"Are you busy?" Masaki demanded with anticipation.
"I'm always free for you."
"Liar." Aiba giggled and blushed embarrassed but pleased. "What's your schedule today?"
"I have a couple of interviews in the morning and the shooting for a new CM. Why?" Sakurai asked curious, knowing that his lover had something in mind.
"I hoped you could come home early." Aiba pouted and although Sho couldn't see it, he imagined that cute expression on his Masaki and he smiled.
"Well, if you wait for me dressed in a sexy maid outfit, I'll do my best to come back for dinner." The newscaster teased with a lustful voice. He couldn't see it but on the other side of the line, his boyfriend blushed deeply and shouted a loud "BAKA!" before ending the call. Sho laughed amused at Masaki's reaction. He didn't expect his wish to come true when he came home around dinner.
He noticed the lights were turned on in his apartment so when he opened his door, he said cheerfully: "Tadaima!" And expected a running Masaki jumping on him and shouting "Okaeri!" but no sound was heard apart from some noise in the kitchen. The rapper took off his shoes and jacked and, loosening his tie, he entered the kitchen upon freezing at the look of a sexy maid in a red Qipao. The maid was giving his back to the door, murmuring something about being late.
"Masaki?" Sho said puzzled startling his lover who jumped and looked at him with widened eyes. "What are you doing?"
"Fulfilling your wish." Aiba mumbled embarrassed and looked away.
Sho laughed before hugging his boyfriend and he gave him a kiss.
"That embarrassing dress came to help." He stated staring from head to toe at Masaki. The dress was slightly short for the sunshine boy but the rest fitted perfectly and Sho had to admit that Aiba was really sexy in that outfit. Well, for him Aiba was always sexy.
"I couldn't find anything in such a short time so I rummaged in your wardrobe and I found this dress. It's the one you used for my birthday during the tour, right?"
"Yes, and I thought I wouldn't use it again but I was wrong." The rapper said in a husky tone kissing Masaki again. "I missed you." He murmured on Aiba's lips upon lightly sucking them. He tried to deepen the kiss but his boyfriend stopped him.
"Dinner is ready!" He cheerfully said flashing a bright smile to Sho and pushing him to the table. Sho sat compliant and a smile appeared on his lips when he looked at the candles and flowers and dishes already prepared on the table. "Cute." Sho mumbled.
"Mm? Did you say something?" Aiba asked from behind, bringing a bottle of white wine.
"Ah, nothing. What did you cook?" Sho asked curious and worried because everyone know Aiba's extravagant dishes, especially the rapper.
"I didn't cook anything but I bought some Italian dish that you will like. I didn't want to poison the birthday boy." The taller man laughed sitting right next to his boyfriend.
"Why are you sitting here?" Sho asked startled.
"Because I'm your maid tonight! I'm here to serve you, Sir." Aiba said with his cheeks colored in a light pink and bowed a little. Sho chuckled but he had to admit that he liked that game.
"Then will you serve me a glass of wine, please?"
"Wakarimashita." The latter replied taking the already opened bottle of wine and filling Sho's glass. "Douzo."
"And you?" Sho asked taking his glass.
"May I join you, Sir?" Aiba said giggling amused.
"Baka." Sho laughed at the silliness of his lover.
When Aiba filled his own glass, he lifted it in front of Sho and smiled, congratulating him.
"O-tanjoubi omedeto!"
"Arigato, Masaki." Sho replied with a sweet smile and slightly banged their glasses to make a toast.
Aiba took a plate full of bruschetta and placed some of them on Sho's plate.
"It seems delicious." Sho stated giving a hungry look at the food. "Itadakimasu~."
He emptied his plate in no time, noticing just then that Masaki didn't eat anything and just stared at him with a sweetly expression.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I was just studying how cute you are when you eat." Aiba replied and Sho chuckled blushing.
"But you know. Maids don't stare at their customers."
"This is a special service for you, Sir. Here." Masaki filled Sho's plate with 'reef spaghetti'. "Eat it while it's still hot. I bet it's delicious."
"Why do you have to bet? Come here." Sho ordered patting his legs and inviting his lover to sit on them. Aiba giggled in his usual cute way and did as Sho asked, while the older took his fork and rolled some spaghetti.
"Say aaaaa..." He said like he was trying to feed a 2 years old boy but Aiba didn't mind. He opened his mouth and ate the food given to him.
"UMAI!!" He cried out satisfied when he swallowed. Sho noticed a bit of tomato on the side of Masaki's lips and leaned forward to lick it but Masaki was startled and lost his equilibrium making both of them fall on the floor. Now Sho was on top of him and seeing Aiba's red cheeks and his lost eyes, he couldn't help but smile and kissed him lovingly.
"How about some dessert?" He asked lustfully.
"AH! I forgot the dessert!" Aiba cried out shocked at some inch from Sho's face who had to retreat from his boyfriend and got up, giving an hand to the sunshine boy.
"I'm sorry, Sho-chan!" Masaki kept on apologizing but Sho just smiled and pinched one of his cheeks.
"Then I'm going to shower. Look for some fruits or sweets in the fridge."
"Ok..." Aiba replied with a sad tone but Sho had already something in mind. He took a quick shower and dried himself more quickly. When he returned to the kitchen he was wearing just a towel around his waist and his hair was still wet making him look sexier. Aiba gulped at the sight and blushed deeply, trying to stare at anything but his lover who just nonchalantly served himself another glass of wine.
"Did you find anything?" He asked already knowing the answer.
"Just some fruits." Masaki replied with a disappointed tone.
"Come with me." Sakurai ordered and he grabbed his lover's hand taking him to the bedroom. He literally pushed Aiba on the bed and went on top of him, brushing their noses.
"You'll be my dessert." Sho murmured with a husky voice before biting his boyfriend's lips. Masaki immediately responded and kissed him, starting a battle for the dominance. Aiba's hand studied every bit of the rapper's back slowly and that simple gesture gave shivers to Sho. He kissed Masaki's cheeks, nose and neck and sucked at his Adam's apple before whispering:
"This dress is an hindrance." He started to unbutton the Qipao and Aiba got up to take it away.
Sho chuckled at the sight. Aiba was wearing those sexy satin red culottes he bought for his birthday back in December. "I see you tried my present."
"I just wanted to please you." Aiba blushed deeply and looked down mumbling: "Why did you choose women's underwear anyway?"
"Because I imagined it on you and it aroused me." Sho said with a smirk and kissed his boyfriend's neck and collarbone but then he stopped abruptly and looked straight in Aiba's eyes.
"Don't tell brought all the other stuff?" Sho asked with expectation.
"Mou~ Sho-chan! You're such a pervert!"
"Look who's talking! So? Did you bring them?"
"Yeah, they're in the drawer." Masaki giggled like an embarrassed teenager.
Sho ran to the drawer with a smirk painted on his face and took out a couple of handcuffs, a black feather, a red box, a tube with a brush and anal beads.
"So what do you want to try?" He asked smiling playfully.
"Eh? It's your birthday, you choose!" Aiba stated with a sweet smile that didn't quite fit the situation because Sho wasn't going to choose between roses and chocolate. Well, maybe...chocolate...
"I want this one!" Sho exclaimed excited raising the strange brown tube with the brush and then he jumped on the bed bringing with him all the stuff from the drawer.
"Are you sure it's edible?" The latter asked worried.
"Of course! The description says that it's a chocolate-flavored lube but it can be used on the whole body. Believe me, you will like it."  Sho attacked Masaki's lips, laying him gently on his back, and he squeezed the tube pouring some fresh liquid on Aiba's nipples before caressing them with the brush. Aiba's nipples became hard when Sho started to suck them murmuring from time to time: "Tasty."
The miracle boy took Sho's face in his hands and made him reach for his own lips to kiss him.
"Sugoi! It really taste like chocolate!"
"And you are too curious." Sho responded and with a quick move, he cuffed his unwilling lover at the head of the bed. "Those handcuffs came to hand. Now be a good boy and let me taste my dessert."
Aiba pouted cutely but Sho didn't notice because he was already focused on his next target. He sucked again a nipple while one of his hands went to stroke Aiba's half-awaken bulge. The latter moaned at his boyfriend's touch but after just some seconds, Sho stopped and slowly pulled down Aiba's undies. He took again the tube and brush and poured some liquid on Aiba's member before brushing it. It was a mix of pleasure and frustration for Masaki who kept on moaning loudly.
"Itadakimasu." Sakurai said with a husky tone and Aiba could just gave a quick look at his lover licking his whole length before he closed his eyes for the pleasure. While Sho was giving him one of the slow blowjobs ever, he felt the same coldness of the liquid at his hole and asked:
"What...what are you...?" But didn't finish the line because a unfamiliar intrusion in his body made him gasp for air. Sho was enjoying the view in front of him: Masaki's tensed body, his head pressed on the pillow, his red cheeks, his eyes shut forming those cute wrinkles. He would have painted that moment if he was able to paint.
"Do you like it?" Sakurai asked pecking Masaki's lips who nodded.
"What's that thing?" Aiba asked curious.
"Oh, they're called beads." The rapper said nonchalantly like he was talking about flowers.
"They?" Masaki asked worried but instead of an answer, he felt the same intrusion from some minutes ago and bit his lips.
"Relax." Sho whispered with a lustful tone that Aiba didn't miss and made him feel more and more aroused because he loved it. Oh, well, who can resist Sho's husky and deep voice anyway?
Sho inserted another sphere in Aiba's hole and the latter moaned and asked for more while Sakurai fulfilled Masaki's request. He then started to slowly take out one sphere after another, making his lover go crazy and from Masaki's moans, Sho also was reaching his limit. When he finally took out all the spheres, he massaged his hard member with some chocolate lube and entered in his lover with a fast thrust that made Aiba cry in pain.
"I’m sorry, baby." Sho whispered in his ear and freed Masaki's hands who grabbed his lover's slopping shoulders and kissed him deeply. Their tongues began an endless and sweet battle while Sho started to slowly thrust in and out.
"Ah! More!" Aiba demanded when Sho reached for his sweet spot. The newscaster grabbed Aiba's hips and moved faster and faster. They were already at their limit when Sakurai ordered Aiba to stroke his own length and it didn't took long for both of them to come, feeling that strange pleasure in their soul. Sho lied next to Masaki and hugged his sweaty body while they calmed down and tried to regain a normal breath. Aiba clung on his boyfriend’s chest and kissed it, murmuring again:
"Happy birthday."
"You will always be the best birthday gift ever." Sho stated and Masaki blushed deeply before complaining:
"Mou~ Sho-chan! I'm too sticky! That chocolate thing is too sticky! I'm going to take a shower." And he quickly got up and went to the bathroom. Sho immediately followed him and grabbed him from his hips.
"How about taking a shower together?" He asked and smirked playfully.
"No, you are surely thinking of something pervert." The sunshine boy replied with a cute pout.
"Why not? We can try one of the things we didn't yet." Sakurai proposed.
"Hentai!" Masaki giggled letting his boyfriend kiss him again to restart another hot session.

- The end?? -

Well, they didn't try all the stuff Sho bought so maybe...another time xD
See you soon!! And Sorry because I'm late as always!!

bruschetta: a piece of toasted bread seasoned with oil, basil, sliced tomatoes and cheese;
reef spaghetti: spaghetti with little tomatoes, parsley, seafood and shellfish;
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