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Title: Little fights can lead to a great party
Author [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sho proposed to organize a party for his lover but he needed help from the others because he is too busy. Nino who is the one with less work offered himself as party planner but things don't go in the way he likes it.

Disclaimer: this time I don't own nor Arashi, neither the plot xD gambitsfox indly suggested the idea =)

A/n: This is a sequel of all my birthday's fanfics of this year xD You know, I love linking them and inserting some already happened facts here and there xD Again thanks a lot t [ profile] gambitsfox

It was already the 15th of December and Aiba's birthday was approaching. He was going to turn 30 years old this year so Sho wanted to give him a real birthday party like he never had. The younger would have been surely pleased because he never properly had a party since his birthday was during Christmas' Eve. But unfortunately the rapper was too busy with his work and he also had to spend some days out of the country for a News Zero's reportage. He decided to ask the other three members of Arashi who gladly accepted to help him. The one with less work to do was Nino who proclaimed himself as the party planner.
"I will send you the receipts when I planned everything." He said nonchalantly to a puzzled Sho.
Ohno and Jun laughed before the younger suggested to split the bill and the others accepted. Nino immediately looked for a place to hold the party because Aiba's home was too small. There was Ohmiya's new home: the living room was big enough for twenty people but Nino didn't want to mess it up. It took him two whole days but finally he found the perfect place. It was a fashionable but at the same time secretive place where fans or worst curious reporters could never set a foot on. He immediately called to book it.
"That's perfect! Don't you think?" He asked when he ended the call, looking at a sleepy Satoshi who was sitting next him on the couch. The older just mumbled something that sounded like a "Hai."
"So what do we need now?" Nino asked mostly to himself.
"Food?" Ohno replied with a loud yawn. "Ne~ Kazu. I'm going to sleep. It's already late."
"It's just 9 o'clock!" Nino exclaimed. "And you're supposed to help me, you know?"
"And I will but there's plenty of time tomorrow." The older got up from the couch and stretching his arms, going to the bedroom.
"Tsk, baka oujii-chan." Nino mumbled to himself before following his lover.
Three days already passed since then and Nino sat on the couch in Arashi's green room with a frown on his face. They just finishedrecording a VS Arashi episode and he was tired but most of all he was also pissed because Aiba's birthday was approaching and the party wasn't even half ready. Until now he was just able to book a good place and a good catering service but the cake, the decorations and the invitations were still on "coming soon" state.
"What happened?" Aiba asked sitting next to him. He noticed that something was wrong with his friend when he entered the green room that morning and didn't find the gamer playing with his Nintendo DS. Instead he was studying some scribbled papers that he immediately hid in his bag when Aiba greeted him. And now it was the same. Nino was deeply thinking on something but didn't let Masaki know.
"Mm? Nothing. I'm just tired."
In that exact moment Sakurai came in the room but Nino literally dragged him out again closing the door and leaving a confused Aiba behind. "Ne ~ Sho-kun. Do you know who would be good to invite at the party? I really can't figure out who are Aiba's close friends apart from us." He asked in a whisper.
Sakurai thought for a moment and then replied with a smile: "I think it's better to just invite the usual ones. Don't make it a big event. His family will come, I already called his mom and she was very happy. Maybe some other friend from Chiba, you can ask his brother about that. Then you can call Toma and some other from the Jimusho like Takizawa-kun or Yoko. Ah, Becky-chan, she will come for sure and the co-workers from Tensai Shimura Doubutsen but I don't think they would come."
"Stop." Nino said. Listening to Sho's list was giving him a headache. "Didn't you want to do something simple? 'Not a big event' I think I've heard just a while ago."
"Ah, you're right. Then there will be the five of us and his family and some other friends."
"At your service, Sir." Nino replied with a playful smile that made Sho laugh but at the same time feel guilty.
"I promise I'll pay you back for your help."
"Then I expect something great for my 30th birthday too." The brat said while coming back to the green room.
As expected, Aiba's mom immediately agreed when Nino called her that evening and she asked if he needed some help. "Just if you can invite Aiba's friends from Chiba because we don't know them."
With a cheerful tone the woman said to leave everything in her hands for the invitations and Nino accepted the help with a bit of worry. He knew how extravagant Aiba's mom could get sometimes, just like her son.
Some minutes after the call ended, the bell rang. "Ah, it must be J." Nino said running to open the door.
"Yo." His younger band mate greeted him before coming in. He took off his shoes and jacket and went to sit on the couch, asking: "Where's Riida?"
"He's still working. I think he won't come home until midnight." Nino said and went to the kitchen to grab something to drink.
"So? Won't he help us?"
"He gave me some suggestions but he's Satoshi, you know that if he's not interested, he doesn't give a fuck." Nino replied giving a beer to Jun who gladly accepted it and said:
"Whoa... I feel an annoyed tone, am I wrong?"
"You're not. He's really pissing me off. But we're not here to talk about him. Give me some idea for the cake." The gamer cut shortly giving paper and pencil to Jun.
They spent two hours choosing a good design for the cake but they just came out with some random idea like a monkey-shape or a big "A" standing for Aiba. Around midnight, as Nino predicted, Ohno came home a little drunk and with a "Tadaima", he was going in his studio when Nino evidently mad, asked:
"We are choosing the cake, why don't you give some idea?"
Ohno gave a fast thought and then with a cunning smile, he replied:
"How about a Mabo Tofu cake?" And he giggled before disappearing in his studio.
"Ohy! You're fooling around!" Jun exclaimed with a serious look and patted Nino on his shoulder adding that it was already late.
"It's time to go home. We'll think about it tomorrow."
"We don't have enough time!" Nino shouted with anger.
"Nino, calm down. Go to sleep and tomorrow morning we'll talk with a rested mind." Jun suggested realizing how his friend was obsessed with his role of a planner.
"That's okay. Go home. I'll do everything on my own."
"Do as you wish." Jun replied with an irritated tone and went home.
At Sakurai's home things weren't going better. Sho and Masaki decided to have a dinner together because the next two days Aiba was busy with his upcoming drama and then there was Music Station Super Live and soon after that Sho had to leave the country for a News Zero reportage and he wouldn't come back until the 24th December. The first half of the meal went by as always with their little talks about work and how Aiba's mom called that morning asking what he wanted for his birthday. Sho chuckled but it looked like Aiba didn't know anything about the party and tried to change the subject but Aiba preempted him.
"What did you and Nino talk about today?"
"Mm? Ah, nothing serious." Sho replied trying to be believable.
"Then you can let me know." Masaki trapped him.
"I ..." He gave a deep breath because he perfectly knew that what he was going to say would have made his lover jealous. "I can't say it."
"Why?" Aiba asked suspicious and sad.
"Believe me. It's something I can't say right now." Sho pleaded and looked away from Aiba. He didn't want to let his guard fall just because he couldn't stand the pleading eyes his boyfriend was giving him.
"Fine!" Aiba shouted. "Well, that's not fine at all but fine! Aaahh! I'm going home!" That said, he got up, took his jacket and left, no matter how hard Sakurai tried to persuade him.
The next morning Arashi had a shooting for a TV show and when Jun arrived a bit late still pissed about Nino's behavior, he greeted with a low "Ohayo." But the reply was lower than his tone. Ohno was sleeping on the little brown couch. Aiba was sitting next to him studying the new script for his upcoming drama or so it looked like but from the frown on his front, Jun could guess he had a quarrel with Sho. The rapper on the other hand was calmly reading his newspapers at the table and Nino was sitting in front of him scribbling something on a paper.
"I need a coffee before anything." He mumbled and went out of the room. "This birthday will be a fail if I don't do something." He sat at the TV station's coffee shop and while sipping a hot cup of caffè latte, he took his phone and dialed Ohno's number. The leader replied with a startled and sleepy tone and Jun ordered to meet him immediately. After some minutes, Satoshi was in front of him asking what was wrong.
"Aren't you going to help?"
The older didn't need any more details to know what Jun meant. "I was going to help but Kazu is too serious and picky about this party that he's pissing me off. I gave some suggestion at first but everything was wrong for him and I gave up. He can do whatever the fuck he wants."
The younger could feel Satoshi annoyance in his tone and he imagined how the things went between the Ohmiya couple based on what happened the night before. "I have an idea." He seriously stated with a foxy smile.
They talked for a while when their managers called them: it was time to work.
After the perfect shooting as expected from professionals like Arashi, Jun approached Aiba and asked if something happened. "Sho and Nino have some secret and they don't want to tell me."
"Mmm. Can I say something amazing?" Masaki looked at Jun with curiosity and waited for him to continue.
"I actually know what's going on but I can't say anything right now. You just need to wait a bit to find out and believe me, you'll be happy and surprised. Dou?"
The miracle boy had a puzzled expression painted on his face. He didn't understand the whole situation but he knew he could trust his younger band mate. He gave a bright smile and said:
"You really said something amazing." And put his arm around Jun's shoulders.
That evening Ohno came home earlier than expected, surprising Nino. They had dinner together with some small talks about their day. But when Nino started to talk again about Aiba's birthday and how everything was going in the wrong way, Satoshi couldn't stand it anymore. "Why are you so obsessed about this party?" He asked raising his voice.
"Why are you screaming at me? I must be angry because you aren't helping at all." Nino shouted back.
"I'm sick of this!" Ohno finally stated, got up and closed himself in his studio leaving behind a stunned Nino who didn't know what to say. He left everything as it was and went in the bedroom, letting himself fall on the bed and silently he started to cry because of the frustration for the planning but also for the sudden sadness that filled his heart anytime he had a fight with his lover.
The next morning when he woke up, the door of Satoshi's studio was still closed but he didn't dare to knock because he was afraid they would start to fight again and his pride didn't allow him to let the matter go by. He drank a hot coffee and got ready to leave. When he arrived at the studio for the rehearsal of Music Station Super Live, he found a strange air in the green room. Sho was sleeping, Masaki was reading his script and eating cookies while Jun and Ohno were chatting happily about something that nobody understood.
"Weren't you at home?" Nino asked out of the blue.
"Iie, I left early. Didn't you notice?"
"I didn't." He replied with a slightly gloomy tone that just his lover felt. He sat next to Aiba and asked what he was reading without being interested at all.
Rehearsal and shooting for the TV show went by smoothly. Just that there weren't as many Ohmiya's interactions as usual. At the end, when they were ready to go home, Jun took Nino away from the others and said seriously:
"The cake is done. Tomorrow I'm free, I'll come to help you with the decorations." That said, the younger went away.
"Wait Jun!" Nino shouted but Jun just waved his hands nonchalantly without turning back.
Early in the morning Ohmiya's bell rang, a still sleepy Nino opened the door and found his younger band mate in front of him wearing a stylish blue jacket, a colorful scarf and a pair of big round sunglasses. "It's too early." Nino groaned.
"I know and I need a coffee." Jun stated, came in and took off his shoes and jacket.
They silently sat at the kitchen table while waiting for the coffee to be ready. "Do you plan to wear that stuff for the whole day?" Nino asked pointing at Jun's sunglasses.
"I'm still sleeping, I can't take them off."
Nino chuckled and got up to take a couple of cups for the coffee. “Ohno-kun?" Jun asked.
"He's still sleeping, I guess." Nino replied with a note of sadness.
"You guess? Didn't you sleep together?" If Ohmiya didn't sleep together, it was a bad sign. Because Jun knew his band mates like nobody else. Thanks to Sho's bad temper and Masaki's jealousy, it was routine for the Sakuraiba couple to fight and sleep apart in their own apartments but for the Ohmiya couple it was unbelievable because since they didn't live together yet, their petty fights always ended on the bed.
As if he heard them talking about him, Ohno came in the kitchen with a loud yawn. "Ohayo." Jun greeted him.
"Oha~ What are you doing here?" Ohno mumbled rubbing his eyes.
"Don't you remember? You're getting older, Ohno-san!" Jun giggled.
"Ah, the decorations!" He exclaimed sitting at the table. "Is there coffee for me too?" He asked to Nino who didn't reply but put a hot cup of coffee in front of the older man. "Arigato."
Jun could feel the tension in the air and tried to lighten the situation. "So do you have any idea?"
"The classic 'Happy Birthday' banner on the main wall is needed." Nino started.
"Ah, I know a great shop to buy that stuff!" Ohno exclaimed excited. "I always buy my art supplies there and it has a lot of stupid and cute stuff for parties. We can go now!"
"Yeah, and tomorrow every magazine will write 'Arashi's partying hard!'" Nino said sarcastically.
"Iie, it's a quiet place. It doesn't have a lot of costumers. That's why I always go there."
"Then it's decided. You, be ready in half an hour." Jun ordered and he drank the last bit of his coffee before going to lay on the couch in the living room. "I'll take a nap waiting for you."
The two men left in the kitchen looked at each other puzzled and then they giggled and went to wash themselves and wear something to go out.
Half an hour later the three were in Jun's car, following Satoshi's instructions. Jun was still wearing his big sunglasses, Ohno had just a simple white mask and Nino was wearing a cute coupled orange scarf and hat. They arrived in front of a hidden shop with just a little entrance.
"Are you sure it's here?" Jun asked and parked his car.
"Yes, you'll be surprised!" Ohno replied excited.
And he was right because when they passed through the simple door, Nino and Jun couldn't believe their eyes. It was a very big shop with too many things inside that you didn't know where to look first.
"Ohno-san, irrashaimasen." The owner of the shop greeted Arashi's leader.
"Eh? Do you come here so often?" Nino asked surprised and Ohno nodded before talking to the owner.
"Maybe you can help us. We need decorations for a birthday party."
The owner took them to a section of the shop full of banners hung on the walls and shelves with funny hats, costumes, masks, balloons, confetti, crackers and such and Jun began immediately to scan every object with fascination and excitement. "This could be perfect for a concert!"
"We are here for Aiba-chan's birthday." Nino told him off. "Is there something we can personalize?" He then asked to the owner.
"Yes, banners can be modified. You can choose font, color and add the name."
"Perfect." Ohno butted in. "How about that one with big smiles on it?"
"That's good and we can write in sparkling green, it will be really Aiba-poi." Nino said and Jun could see that the gamer was regaining his excitement about the party.
"Then it's decided. Will it be ready for the 24th?"  Nino asked.
"Yes, you can pick it up the 24th morning if it's okay."
"It's perfect." Jun said. "I'll go with the owner to design the banner. You two buy everything that catches your interest. If it's messy it will be more and more Aiba-poi." The younger added with a wink and left purposely the Ohmiya couple alone. At first there was an awkward silence while they looked through the shelves but then Ohno found a stupid heart-shaped hat and put it on Nino's head.
"Whua! It fits perfectly!" Ohno laughed at Nino and the brat immediately stated:
"It's not funny at all!" But then he looked at himself in a mirror and joined to Ohno's laughter.
"It's good to see you laugh again." Ohno said smiling and Nino blushed.
"Baka." He murmured, looking again at the shelves embarrassed. Ohno took Nino's chin with his hand and made the gamer look at him in the eyes.
"Satoshi?" Nino was surprised by this sudden action but Ohno didn't say anything and kissed him gently upon whispering: "I missed you."
Nino giggled and blushed more and more. "Then I've to make up for it tonight."
"Ohy!" Jun butted in. "I said to look for decorations, not to flirt." He said with a strict tone but the smile on his face betrayed him. He was very happy that his friends finally made up.
The next day was very busy for Arashi and without realizing it, it was already the 24th December. Since they asked to their managers to have the morning free, they divided their tasks. Jun went to withdraw the cake, Ohno went to pay for the decorations and banner while Nino waited for them at the booked place, checking the catering once again. Around noon everything was ready, Aiba's mom already called twice to ask if they needed some help and now they just needed to do some interview in the late afternoon and then waiting for Aiba-chan to come to the party.
It was 7 o'clock when they ended their interview. Jun, Nino and Ohno quickly greeted their band mates and went away while Sho convinced Aiba to have dinner together. "I'm tired Sho-chan. Why don't we go home instead?" Aiba asked.
"But it's Christmas Eve and it's your birthday. I don't want to spend it at home. I want to do something special."
"Did you maybe prepare something?" Aiba asked curious and giggled.
"Maybe..." Sho replied, knowing that his lover couldn't stand the teasing.
Sho headed to the place booked by Nino while Aiba, next to him, couldn't sit straight because of the excitement and curiosity. "Ne~ Sho-chan. Where are we going?" He kept on asking.
"Somewhere." Sho kept on replying for the whole ride.
When they arrived at the said place, the lights were all turned off and Aiba wondered if his boyfriend didn't get the wrong address. "Just come with me and don't ask anything." Sho ordered, taking Aiba's hand and leading him inside in the darkness. "Now turn the light on." And he placed Aiba's hand on a light switch.
"O-TANJOUBI OMEDETO!" All the present shouted when the lights were turned on and Aiba was left there speechless with his mouth open and a shocked expression on his face. His mom immediately hugged him and wished him again her congratulations while Masaki's eyes got teary. He turned to his boyfriend and in between the tears, he mumbled: "Arigato."
"You don't have to thank me. They did everything." Sho said pointing at the three band mates next to them who were smiling like idiots looking at Aiba's happiness.
"Thank you guys!" He shouted hugging them and everyone laughed again.
The night went by smoothly and everyone was happy, especially the birthday boy who kept on smiling and thanking anyone who wished him a happy birthday.
When it was finally time for the cake and presents to come, the trio realized that they didn't buy any present.
"Ma~ma~ we can say the party itself is already a gift." Nino reassured the other two.
"Don't worry." Sho butted in. "I thought of the presents."
"Hounto?" Jun asked surprised.
"Yeah. I saw that you three were really busy and I thought that maybe you would forget. I actually felt a bit guilty to let you organize everything."
"What did you buy?" Ohno asked curious.
"Oh, you don't have to know. Just be reassured that Masaki will appreciate it." He said nonchalantly with a cunning smile and the other three knew that the newscaster did something perverting again.
"Whuao! The cake is great, Oh-chan!" Aiba exclaimed reaching them.
"Why do you thank him? Jun chose it."
"But I designed it!" Ohno replied proud. "I spent a whole night in my studio to find some idea."
Nino looked at him surprised. He didn't know anything about the cake. So that was why his lover closed himself in his studio that night and now the gamer felt really stupid because he cried for nothing.
"I think I need to congratulate with you for your great work tonight." Nino murmured in Ohno's ear and the older blushed and replied giggling: "I'd like it."
-The end (???)-
A/n: What did Sho give to Aiba-chan???? If you are curious stay tuned until Sho's birthday!! xD *mean writer*

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