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Title: Pride and prejudice
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Genre: Romantic, AU-school, angst
Pairing: Kyumin (Kyuhyun x Sungmin)
Disclaimer: I don't own them or else I'd put peep-cams in their room LOL

a/n: I apologize to all my arashian friends. This is not the new Sakuraiba, I'm still writing but an exception. It's just a crazy idea born during a crazy journey with my crazy ELF (aka [ profile] mery_chan_89) Please, spare me since it's un-betaed m(_ _)m

Sungmin was tired. He didn't know how much time he could last before he faints. He had to reach for the infirmary as soon as possible but despite the pain, a smirk was painted on his injured lips. It was because of his nth overwhelming victory. As usual a gang of yankees from a nearby school came to ask for a fight or better they threatened to be able to take down Sungmin's power. The boy gave them appointment in the schoolyard around lunchtime and as always his fellows showed up to help him. Not that he needed help but it was fun to fight side by side and he had to admit that they were helpful. In fact Kangin saved him already a couple fo times and it was thanks to Eunhyuk that he didn't die in that cold night after a fight. He also perfectly remembered that fight where Leeteuk helped him to take down a whole group of twenty men. It was the first time Sungmin met him and from that time Leeteuk started to hang out with him and his friends. Yeah, he always ended up hurt but the most important thing was that he enjoyed his friends' presence and they had fun fighting and winning together. Like some minutes ago when they defeated that little gang. They were still all pretty excited and Henry proposed to go party at some karaoke. It was a pleasent offer but Sungmin rejected. He needed to rest and cure his injuries after all. 
And there he was, struggling against the wall of the music section and trying to reach for the infirmary. When he went near a door, he heard an angelic voice which made his heart skip a beat. He stopped and sat down on the floor with his back on the wall, staring at the door's number: Room 13. The melody kept on echoing in sucha  sweet way that Sungmin almost forgot about his physical pain and kept on listening to that song in which the notes of a piano accompanied that magical voice. All of a sudden Sungmin felt the need to know who was the singer. It couldn't be a student of that school because with such a a talent nobody would want to attend his school. The yankee got up tired and leaned on the wall but when he tried to open the door his senses betrayed him and he fainted crushing against the door and opening it. 
The boy in Room 13 immediately stopped to sing. He cautiously approached the senseless boy on the floor and recognized Sungmin, the head of that school from whom he tried to say away all the time. He didn't want to be involved with the yankees of that crazy school, he just wished to end his studies in peace and be unnoticed. He had good grades but didn't excell, his sport skills were normal and he didn't join any club. All he wished for was to have a peaceful life and to end as soon as possible that school since he was forced to attend SuJu High School. But now the most dangerous guy of the school was lying in front of him, senseless. A part of him wanted to go away and leave Sungmin there but the other part told him to help the hurt boy. After all in that situation, Sungmin was just a poor student like him, he just needed to take the yankee to the infirmary before he woke up. So he took one of Sungmin's hands and let it fall again on the floor, just to be sure he was truly senseless. Ok, he would carry him to the infirmary and then he would run away as fast as he could. 


When Sungmin woke up, he was lying on a confortable bed in the infirmary of his school. He didn't know how he went there, the last thing he remembered was a beautiful voice echoing in his ears. 
"Ya! You finally woke up!" The school's nurse screamed showing in front of Sungmin.
"Don't you know that injured people need to rest?"
"You already rested enough. You were soundly asleep for four hours."
"Shut up, bitch!"
Sungmin hardly got up but he was too haughty to ask for the nurse's help. Plus he didn't like that bitch always touchy and flirting with any guy of the school. It was the thing he hated the most.
"Say." He asked before going out. "Who took me here?"
"I don't know him. He had the uniform of this school but I never saw him. He's not so handsome as you. Maybe that's why I never noticed him." She teased. "I can leave it to you, if you're interested."
"I don't take your leftovers."Sungmin smirked. "I always enjoy the first quality meat." And then he went out and left behind the pissed nurse.
In the corridor he met a strange guy, normal, maybe too nromal for that school, with glasses on his nose and a tidy uniform. The student stared curiously at him and it pissed Sungmin. 
"What the hell are you looking at?" He threatened and the poor guy immediately looked down and fastened his pace. 
"Well, at least he's alright." The mysterious guy thought adjusting his glasses. He went to his usual place: Room13, the piano's room in the music section. It was the only peaceful place in the whole school because yankees don't like classical music. Well, piano doesn't mean classical music but yankees have simple minds. He just sat at the piano when he heard a heavy sound of steps and hid behind the instrument forgetting that although his face was hidden, his legs and feet were totally shown. 
Sungmin came in the room without knocking nor asking for permission. He looked around and of course noticed a pair of feet under the piano.
"Who's there?"He asked in a unusual polite way. 
The hidden boy cursed his stupidity and slowly got up.
"You!" Sungmin exclaimed recognizing him as the annoying guy from some minutes ago. "Are you the one who brought me to the infirmary?"
"N-no." The guy lied. 
"I never saw you around here. Who are you?"
"I'm just a second year student who doesn't want any problem." He replied sharply.
"Who the hell do you think you are?" Sungmin screamed taking the boy from his shirt who didn't reply. The pissed yankee pushed him against the wall where he crushed violently and his glasses fell on the floor and broke. 
"Tsk. Loser." Sungmin whispered with a smirk and then he left.


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