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Title: PLOTTING WITH THE DEVIL 18 and 19/19
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Disclaimer: If I owned Arashi, Ohmiya would already be married! >.<

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Just a couple of hours passed when Aiba woke up. He stayed still for a while staring at his beloved that was soundly asleep next to him. He noticed how their bodies perfectly fitted in each other embrace and his eyes became teary. Sadness and loneliness were hurting his soul but he promised to Sho that he would disappear. He slowly got up, gently moving Sakurai's arm that was resting on Aiba's chest and then he looked for some of his clothes. It happened before Matsuoka's death. Aiba often slept at Sakurai's apartment and day by day he left some clothes that finally found space in a drawer Sakurai got free for him. That little act maybe was normal and with no meaning for anyone but not for Aiba. It was something important, like the confirmation that Sho accepted him in his life.
He took a pair of jeans, underwear and a jumper and went to take a shower. When he came out of the bathroom, dressed up and ready to leave, he went to give his silent goodbye to Sho and the collection of CDs in the library drew his attention. He remembered when he woke up on a morning and an English song with a sweet melody was playing, he was so curious to know the meaning that he googled it because Sakurai said that song suited Aiba. And he was really happy when he read the translation. He felt that he was loved more than he deserved and that awareness was enough for Aiba to feel like he was the happiest man in the whole world. But now something shook that happiness and Aiba couldn't help but feel upset. No, it shouldn't end like that. He needed to do something because he wouldn't allow himself to lose Sho so easily. But what could he do? The reason for their break-up was Sakurai's father and Aiba was sure of it. All he had to do now was to have a talk with him. He took a piece of paper and a pen from Sho's desk and wrote a short letter that he left on the little table near the couch before taking his bag. He left a soft kiss on Sho's forehead and whispered:
"Wait for me, ne~? I love you."
When he left the apartment, he turned back for a moment and stared at the door with a confident smile.
"I'll be back."

                Sho's sleep was deep and dreamless and when he woke up, he felt very refreshed. He stretched his arms happy just to realize that he was alone. Aiba kept his promise: he left first thing in the morning. Sakurai hugged a pillow and hid his face in it before starting to cry. It was as if his heart was pierced by thousand of needles. Why wasn't he able to protect his love and their relationship? Why was he always so weak against his father? He felt guilty and useless for letting Aiba go and from making him suffer until the end. He threw away the pillow with anger and decided to take a shower thinking that maybe it could help him wash away a little of his sadness.
It took a while but when he went out of the bathroom dressed up and ready to go to work, he gave a last glance at the couch where some hours ago he was still hugging Masaki. Tears escaped from his eyes but then he noticed a piece of paper on the table and he felt the urge to know what it was. When he read the first words, his eyes widened and he sat down on the couch.

"Dear Sho-kun,
I love you therefore I won't keep my promise to leave you. I can't.
Do you remember that sweet song that you used to listen in the morning? You said it reminded you of me but you were too embarrassed to tell me the meaning. I did my researches ^^
It says:

 The smile on your face lets me know that you need me...
 There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me...
 The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall...

When I read it, I felt like a hero. If you really think about me in this way, I promise I will always smile for you. I'm your hero, Sho-kun, so I will never leave you. That's why I'm going to erase the root of our problems.
I bet you're still on the couch. The first time we made love, it was on this couch. Do you remember? I felt really good that night... until you spoke! Now looking back at that night it's hilarious. It makes me laugh how I was upset by your words although you were just saying the truth. You didn't trust me from the very start, ne~?
I wish you would have put trust in me from the beginning. But now I know that you're not always so strong and confident. You had your doubts and fears and it was stupid of me not to notice anything. I finally came to know everything about you and the last happenings in our life. I understand your choice to stay silent but now I ask you to be more true and not to show me just the perfect you. Sho-kun is important to me so I want to see and accept all your faces. Thanks to you I realized that I'm not a nuisance to anyone so wait for me. I promise I'll be back and we will start anew.
I really love you.


Sho was shocked and confused. He didn't quite understand what was going on. How could Aiba know everything about him? What meant to wait for him? Who was the root of their problems? And then like a sudden revelation, the image of his father popped in his mind and he realized that Aiba was aware of Sho's background and he was going to meet Sakurai's father. When he realized the danger, he immediately rushed out of the apartment and tried to call Masaki many times while driving towards his father's house. There was no reply so he decided to ask Toma for help. It was dangerous but he couldn't let Masaki do something stupid.
"Moshi-moshi, Sho-kun?" Toma picked up with a sleepy voice.
"Toma, how come Masaki knows everything?" The lawyer asked immediately.
"Ah..." Toma paused a bit and then started to explain, "I don't know how exactly it happened but Aiba told to Jun that your father met him and they talked about you being the next kumicho. I thought it wasn't necessary to keep with all the lies because from what I understood, Aiba-chan doesn't want to break up with you although he knows everything. How went things last night?" He finally questioned and Sho could feel that his friend was smirking, like he expected some good news.
"It's a mess, Toma. Masaki is going to meet my father. I have to stop him." He replied feeling guilty for not realizing anything.
"EH? WHY?"
Sakurai didn't reply but instead, he asked for Ikuta's help, briefly explaining his plan.
"It's dangerous, Toma. I just need you to take away Masaki while I distract my father. Do you feel up to it?" 
"Of course! Count me in!" Toma agreed without hesitation.
"I'm going to pick you up. Wait for me at Jun-kun's place." He said and while he was going to end the call, he added grateful: "Thank you."

Matsumoto, who just woke up, heard the conversation and when he knew from Toma what had happened and what was going to, he declared it was too dangerous and didn't intend to let Toma go.
"I have to, Jun. Aiba-chan could die if we don't help him." Toma said with the sweetest tone he could, just to reassure his lover.
"Then I will come too."
"No, you will wait for me here worried like every good girlfriend would do."
"I'm not your girlfriend!" Matsumoto protested taking Toma's face in his hands and kissing him passionately. "At most you're my girlfriend."
Toma groaned in the kiss and whispered: "I wouldn't mind." And pushed Matsumoto back on the bed.
"Wait, Sakurai said he will be here soon, right?" Toma nodded and Jun continued: "Then it's not the time to have fun. Be ready." He pushed his boyfriend away.
Toma got up, protesting but did as said. While brushing his teeth, he looked in the mirror and thought that he had enough of the entire situation. Being always on alert, careful of everything suspicious, it was stressing. He wanted to have a peaceful life somewhere far away. Yeah, that was the solution. He spat the water in the sink and looked again at his reflection in the mirror with a cunning smile of his.
"Ne~ Jun-kun." He screamed while going back in the bedroom where Matsumoto was still basking in the warm bed.
"I'm not deaf. Don't scream."
"Gomen. How about we go somewhere? Like a long holiday?" Toma asked sitting next to him.
"Where?" Matumoto asked back and sat on the bed with a curious expression.
"I don't know. Somewhere far away, where nobody know us and I don't have to hide or be careful. A place where we can be free and live a simple life just the two of us."
Matsumoto blushed and replied: "Baka!" But then he thought it was a great idea. They had enough money to live peacefully for some years and he deserved to take a break sometime.
"I will come." He mumbled hiding his face against the pillow.
"I didn't hear you." Toma teased with a smirk.
"I said I will come!" He screamed turning towards his lover. "Are you hap...?" He couldn't finish the sentence because Toma captured Jun's lips with his. "Then wait for me. I'll come back as soon as I can." And with that said, he went out of the house to wait for the lawyer, leaving behind a stunned Matsumoto who threw a pillow at the door before smiling.

                Sakurai arrived just when Toma was going out of the luxurious building where Matsumoto lived.
"Drive. I need to call Ninomiya and Satoshi." The lawyer ordered and changed his seat. Ikuta nodded and started driving towards their destination while Sho took his phone from the pocket of his jacket and dialed Ohno's number.
"Satoshi-kun, I need a favor." He immediately said when Ohno picked up. "Can you prepare your private jet for me?"
"Of course but why?" Ohno asked confused and Sho could hear also Nino's voice asking "What's wrong?" from the other side of line.
"It's for Masaki's sake. I need him to go as far away as possible from my father. Can I talk with Ninomiya?"
"Okay but you're worrying me!" Satoshi said with evident shaking voice. "I will need an explanation."
"I swear that when everything will be over, I'll answer to all your questions but not now, Satoshi. I'm in a rush."
Sakurai's tone was gentle like always when he spoke with his old friend but this time Ohno could feel also desperation and hurry. He immediately handed his phone to Nino who looked at him with a puzzled expression while he replied.
"Ninomiya-kun. Do you remember our bet?" Sakurai asked all of a sudden.
"Hai, why?"
"You promised to make Satoshi happy and I promised to help Masaki."
"Yes and also not to play with his feelings." Nino added uneasy, like he wanted to make sure that Sakurai wasn't messing around anymore with his best friend. A strange grievous and uncomfortable feeling was growing in his heart and he couldn't help but worry.
"Yeah... that too. You kept your promise so I'm going to keep mine but I'm not sure how things will end up." He paused for a while and Nino guessed that the lawyer was troubled and wanted to ask the reason behind that behavior but Sho spoke first. "If anything happens, can you take care of him?"
Sakurai's voice trembled and Toma who was still driving, looked for a moment at the passenger seat and found a crushed expression on Sakurai's face, like the lawyer already knew that something bad would happen and that Aiba and him couldn't be together anymore. He focused again on the street and when he noticed that Sakurai ended the call, he just said with a resolute tone:
"I won't allow both of you to be apart."
Sakurai looked at him shocked and then bitterly replied:
"Be serious. There's no way Aiba and I can be together again. You should know better than me how serious my father is when he promises something."
"I don't give a fuck of what your father will do!" Toma cried out. "I swear that we are going to save Aiba-chan and come back home safe. All of us." He emphasized the last line.
Sakurai couldn't reply. He was left without words because he never saw his friend so serious. He thought for a while, his look fixed on the street in front of him without truly seeing it. Ikuta said some brave words but Sho couldn't believe in them. His father never allowed a prey to escape and Matsuoka was the best example. The sum he took was just some pocket-money for Sakurai Senior but the old man didn't forgive him anyway. No, it wasn't possible to do anything against his father's will and still thinking to be safe. Plus, the one in danger was his one and only Masaki and he couldn't help but to feel responsible and guilty.

                Nino was shaken by Sakurai's words. He felt that something bad was going to happen and asked to Ohno if they could help.
"Try to call Aiba-chan and ask him what's going on."
Nino did as Ohno said and when Aiba picked up, Nino stormed him with a lot of questions.
"Ohy, Nino! Cool down! What's the matter?" Aiba asked confused.
"What's the matter?!" Nino cried out. "Sakurai just called and worried me like hell! What's going on?"
Aiba lightly smiled, thinking that Sakurai figured out what he was going to do and was glad his lover didn't completely give up on him.
"I'm just trying to adjust this mess. I'm going to give the money back to Sho-kun's father and I will ask him to stay away from us."
"Ma-chan, you're crazy! He will kill you!" Nino screamed and Ohno looked at him puzzled.
"I don't want any regrets, Nino. I won't give up so easily." Aiba replied calm and decisive but then he heard Ohno's voice from the other side of the line.
"Aiba-chan, don't do something stupid!" He said, trying to persuade Masaki. "I've a plan, you don't need to meet that man." The tone Ohno used to pronounce "that man" was bewildered and Aiba could feel it.
"I'm going to meet him anyway. I don't care if it's dangerous."
"You!" Satoshi screamed but stopped when Nino put a hand on his shoulder. It was difficult to see an angry Ohno but if Aiba was able to do it, it meant that the whole situation was truly dangerous. He breathed deeply and took away the phone from his lover's hand.
"Ma-chan, listen to me. I know what you want to do. You're going to give the money you earned, back to Sakurai's father, am I right?"
"Yes." Aiba replied surprised.
"Then I won't stop you but promise me you won't say anything about you and Sakurai being together."
Nino smiled and tried to answer in the relaxed way possible.
"Say that you want to go away. That you won't see Sakurai anymore and that you two broke up and if Sakurai show up, act as if you really want to leave him."
"Why?" Aiba asked again more and more shocked. "I don't want to leave him!"
"You won't. Just do as I say and then rush to Satoshi's office. There's a jet ready for the both of you that will take you away from here. Sakurai asked Ohno to prepare it for you, to rescue you from his father but I promise you, he will go with you. Will you listen to me, Ma-chan?"
Nino asked the last question like he was pleading his friend to follow his instructions and Aiba couldn't help but agree. "Thank you, Nino." He whispered with teary eyes that his best friend couldn't see.

                When Sho arrived in front of his father house, he just waited for Toma to stop before storming out of the car and running inside. He knew well that house because he spent all of his childhood there. And he knew where his father greeted the guests. When he entered the room, he found Aiba and his father sitting at the same table where just some weeks ago he was drinking wine. They were laughing heartedly and stopped just when they noticed him. Sho was confused because that situation was unbelievable and so he asked panicky:
"What's going on?"
"Aiba-san is a good and funny man, did you know?" His father replied in between the laugh. Masaki on the other hand froze and didn't want to look at his lover. He knew he had to lie and he wasn't really good at that.
"He gave me back some money that I invested on him." Sakurai Senior continued turning serious.
"What do you mean?" Sho kept on looking at Aiba and then his father repeatedly, unable to grasp the mean of all this absurd situation. Why Aiba and his father were talking calmly like two old friends? He did expect to find Masaki being threatened, he rushed there to save him so why he found that strange and awkward scene in front of his eyes? There was something odd.
"Some time ago I helped him and paid all of his debts. And now that he decided to go away, he came to pay me back." The old man answered to his son before looking at Aiba and added: "It was unexpected, Aiba-san."
The latter came back from his thoughts and the fear to face Sho replied cheerfully: "I would have paid you sooner, if I was able to. Now I really need to take my leave, if you excuse me..." He got up and was about to leave but Sho grabbed his arm and forced Aiba to look at him straight in the eyes.
"What does it mean that you decided to go away?" He asked straightforwardly and Masaki could just reply with a low voice: "It means exactly what it means. I'm going back to Chiba."
"Why?" Sho asked, a mix of anger and panic in his voice. Aiba stayed silent but kept on looking at his lover's eyes and hoped he would understand. He didn't want to hurt him but it was necessary for the success of Nino and Ohno's plan. He felt his heart aching when he saw Sho's eyes become teary. The lawyer was too troubled to hide his pain and bursted out:
"WHY? Didn't you say that you can't leave me? That I have to wait for you and we would have started everything anew. You wrote it in the letter! That's why... that's why I ran here." Tears started to wet Sho's cheeks and Aiba couldn't help but feel guilty and felt the urge to go away because he was about to cry too. He took all his courage and holding back the tears, said cold-heartedly:
"You misunderstood. My debts are finally gone and I can come back to my old life. I meant to break up with you with that letter. Now, if you excuse me..." He quickly left the house, Sho tried to follow him but two men forced him to stay there and his father said:
"Don't be so stubborn, son. He made it clear. He doesn't want you. Now you're free. You will be the next kumicho."
"It's one of your dirty tricks, right? You threatened him!"
"I didn't do anything this time. If you don't believe me, run after him and ask him."
Sho didn't let his father repeat his words and stormed out of the house exactly like when he entered. But unfortunately Toma drove his car away. He tried to run after them but after a fall, he gave up. His heart was aching from the confusion brought by Masaki's words. He fell on his knees and cried all his desperation in the middle of the street and right there a car came and almost crushed onto him. Sakurai looked shocked at the car, his eyes widened while the driver immediately rushed to help the lawyer.
"Daijobu?" A familiar voice asked and when Sho turned his gaze to it, he just whispered weakly:
"I'm sorry Sho-san." And then everything went dark.


Jun Matsumoto was sitting on the beach under a flashy umbrella and was gazing at the beautiful landscape in front of him. The ocean's waves always calmed him down and he really needed some peace because his mind was filled with worry. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice another man approaching him by his back. Two arms hugged him and he came back to reality a little surprised.
"Baka! Don't startle me like that!"
"Gomen, gomen." Toma said smiling wickedly and resting his head on Jun's shoulder. "But I'm a bit disappointed. I brought you in a little paradise and you seem not to enjoy. You said you would follow me but now I feel like you didn't want to. Your mind is not here. I want to have your attention only on me. What's troubling you so much?"
Matsumoto looked up at the sky, a sad smile on his lips.
"Do you think they're okay now?" He asked with his low voice.
"Of course." Toma replied kissing Jun's shoulder.
"And they're happy?"
"I'm sure wherever they went, they are finally happy now." And he hugged his lover tight. "Can you think just of me now?"
Jun looked back at his boyfriend and nodded before giving a bright smile to Toma who couldn't help but kiss those lovely lips. "I love you." He whispered in the kiss and although Jun didn't reply, Toma knew that his love was returned.

                Meanwhile, in another place, a man was relaxing on a hammock, his eyes closed. Around him there was a little garden with a couple of trees and some pretty flowers. A tidy path cut the garden in two parts and it lead to a white cute house. Another man, taller than the first one, came out of the house's door and said with a loud but sweet tone:
"Sho-kun! Dinner is ready!"
The man on the hammock woke up and while stretching his arms and legs, he said peaceful:
"Yokatta, I was starving."
He followed the other man inside smiling like an idiot and hugged him tight basking himself in that warm feeling that was filling his heart. The taller man was a bit startled although it was already a week that Sho had this strange habit to hug him all of a sudden.
"Dinner will be cold." He whispered but actually he didn't want to leave that sweet spot. His head was perfectly fitted to rest on the crock of his lover's neck. After a while they finally broke the hug and sat at the dining room's table that was already set for dinner.
"What was that for?" The taller man asked curious and a little embarrassed.
"I just need to hug you from time to time to feel that you are really with me, Masaki. I can't believe yet that we are together without any obstacles."
The other man smiled brightly and sat in front of Sho.
"I can't leave you because I love you." Aiba said flattered, looking at his lover and serving some food to him.
"If a week ago someone told me that today I would have been here chatting and dining happily with you, I wouldn't have believed him."
"Believe it or not, we are finally together and I won't leave your side anymore. And now, itadakimasu."
"Itadakimasu." Sho repeated enthusiastic.

                A week before...

"Daijobu?" A familiar voice asked and when Sho opened his eyes he just whispered weakly:
"I'm sorry Sho-san." And then everything went dark.
Some people hurried to see what happened and Matsumoto immediately took his phone to call an ambulance that arrived unexpectedly too soon but curiosity and concern for the poor man lying on the street were too high to notice some small details like that. Two little men came out of the ambulance with a stretcher and lifted Sho on it and into the vehicle without checking his condition before hurriedly driving away. When the people who gathered around that place, saw the ambulance disappearing at the corner of the street, they looked around for the culprit but there was no trace of him nor of his car.

                "Ne~ Satoshi!" Nino cried out in the ambulance. "Was this act really necessary?"
"I don't know if it was necessary but I find you really cute in that nurse's outfit so it was worth it." Satoshi replied and smiled playfully. Nino sighed for his lover's comment and looked at Sakurai who was still lying on the stretcher. "Do you think it's time to wake The Sleeping Beauty?"
"I guess it's required or Aiba-chan will worry like hell if he sees Sho-kun in this state." Satoshi laughed.
"Oh-chan, can you call Jun-kun instead of flirting with your girlfriend?" Toma asked annoyed from the driver's seat and Nino snorted out: "I'm not his girlfriend!"
"Ah, deja-vu." The driver said giggling to himself like an idiot and remembered that just some hours ago, his lover said that same line.
Ohno smiled and took his phone to call Matsumoto who reassured him that everything went well and that he was already driving home.
"Be careful."
"Don't worry, Ohno-san. I made sure to let Sho-san's father know about the incident but I'm not so stupid to show myself in front of that man. I just made an anonymous call." Jun said with a satisfied smirk. "I bet he's running to the hospital right now. You already took care of everything, right?"
"Yes. I think it's better if you and Toma disappear for a while." Ohno suggested and Toma who was over-hearing the conversation, screamed:
"Don't worry, Oh-chan. We already planned a long holiday!"
"Say to that idiot not to scream." Matsumoto blurted out pissed.
"I think I will hang up instead. It's not funny to hear you flirting through the phone." Satoshi replied and laughed upon adding, "Take care. I will send you Toma as soon as possible." And the call ended.
The loud scream of Toma caused Sakurai to wake up. He rubbed his head and looked around confused.
"Oh! The Sleeping Beauty already woke up." Nino said in his usual bratty tone and then asked, "Are you okay?"
"I feel like a truck hit my head." He replied sitting on the stretcher.
"You're overreacting. Matsumoto-kun is not so strong."
Hearing that name, Sakurai turned to look at Nino with a shocked expression and immediately asked with irritated and puzzled tone:
"Wait! So it wasn't a dream! What's going on?"
"I'm sorry. We tricked you." Satoshi replied apologetic and gently smiled before explaining all of what happened.
"When you called me asking for the jet without explanations, Nino and I worried like hell and called immediately Aiba-chan to know something more. When we found out that that crazy man of your lover was going to meet with your father to ask to stay away from you, Nino thought of a plan. He asked Aiba-chan to just say that he will leave soon and won't have anything to do anymore with you. Then we called Matsumoto-kun to know if he had some ideas to let you disappear and he suggested the car accident. I came out with the idea of the ambulance. Do you remember that ambulance that we brought to the office's parking in case someone had some ideas for a new videogame?"
Sho just nodded trying to catch all of what his friend was saying.
"It was useful indeed." Satoshi added giggling. "We informed Toma to bring Aiba-chan to the office as soon as possible and then we rushed here to take you away. Fortunately my office is not so far from here. We are genius, don't you think?"
Sho blinked a couple of times and suddenly a revelation stopped his flow of thoughts.
"So Masaki isn't going anywhere!"
"Did you really think that Ma-chan would have left you like that after everything both of you went through?" Nino asked bewildered and knocked Sakurai's head.
"It hurts!"
"Don't complain. Jun already apologized, I bet." Toma said from the driver's seat. They looked at each other through the little mirror in front of the driver, Ikuta smiling at him playfully and said:
"As I said, we are all safe."
Sakurai thanked him with just a smile but between them it was enough. Although Ikuta was often annoying, he was a good friend indeed. He turned again to look at Nino and Ohno and asked serious:
"And now?"
"And now you are officially dead." Nino replied smirking and Satoshi went on to explain.
"Your father has already been informed and is probably going to the hospital where he will find your corpse. Well, it's not really yours. We asked Yamashita-san to help so it's all in his hands. You know he's good at tricking and hiding. I didn't have the time to prepare some new documents for you but for now you can go to my house in France and relax a little. Since you're going with my jet you don't need a passport. Take it as a holiday, I will get your new documents as soon as possible and you can work again from your new house when you will find a good place to stay." Ohno laughed a little, looking at his friend's disbelief and added:
"I can't allow to lose a bright lawyer like you."
When Ohno finished they were already near his office and Sho kept on opening and closing his mouth without knowing what to say. He felt a little upset for not being informed about this crazy plan but at the same time he was more relieved and glad that it was all an act and that he was finally free.
"Arigatou." He said smiling happy.
The other three smiled back and Toma stopped the vehicle since they just arrived at Ohno's parking lot. Sho immediately went out of the ambulance and without realizing it, he felt two arms hugging him tightly.
"Sho-kun, I'm sorry!" Aiba cried out hiding his face in Sakurai's neck. "I didn't want to say those words. I'm sorry." He kept on repeating. The lawyer gently stroked his hair and hugged him back upon whispering in Masaki's ear that everything was okay now.
"I'm sorry." The letter repeated.
"I hurt you more so don't apologize." Sakurai said, finally breaking the hug and looking straight into those brown eyes that he liked so much. With his thumbs he washed away some tears that were still falling on Masaki's cheeks and whispered:
"I love you."
"I love you too." Masaki replied, blushing a bit and smiling happy. He hugged his lover again before they both ran on the roof where Ohno's jet was waiting for them.

Masaki and Sho were still joyfully eating their dinner when Sakurai's phone rang.
"Moshi moshi, Satoshi-kun?"
"Your funeral just ended. It was awkward, you know?" He said and laughed.
"I bet it was touching." Sakurai joked and laughed with his friend.
"I called to let you know that at the start of the next week your documents will be ready. Have you already decided what to do?"
"Yes." Sakurai replied enthusiastic. "We are coming back to Japan. We will stay in Chiba."
"What?" Ohno asked perplexed. "Are you sure it's a good idea? I think it's dangerous."
"Masaki and I thought about it for the whole week. Masaki will work at his parents' restaurant and I will work from there with a new name."
"What if your father finds out?" Satoshi asked again worried.
"Just a crazy man would live near his worst enemy and my father knows that I'm not crazy. Well, he thinks that I'm dead so he won't look for me." He laughed again.
"If you say so. Well, I would be happy too because we will be able to see each other more often." The cheerful tone of Satoshi made Sakurai smile. "Plus Kazu is annoying me, saying that he wants to visit France but I'm sure it's just an excuse to check if Aiba-chan is okay."
"But he will never admit it, right?"
They both laughed thinking about the little brat and then ended the call promising to meet when Sho and Masaki would come back to Japan.
Sakurai came back to sit at the table with a bright smile.
"What made my boyfriend so happy?" Aiba asked curious.
"It was Satoshi-kun. Ninomiya is worried about you." He giggled.
"How much more annoying could he be? I just called him yesterday."
"Don't be so strict. Ah, Satoshi said that my new documents will be ready the next week so we can come back. Or do you want to stay here a bit longer?"
"I don't mind. Bu are you sure about it?" Masaki was concerned and Sakurai could sense it.
"Yes, it's the best choice. I'll be near my work so if Satoshi and I need to discuss something important, it will be easy to meet and Ninomiya won't be worried anymore." Sakurai said sarcastically and Aiba giggled thinking that his friend was really acting like an annoying mother since they parted a week ago.  "You will also be with your family. I know that you miss them." His lover added making Masaki smile brightly.
"I already called my mother. She said it will be great if I come back home." Sho smiled and ate a piece of meat while Aiba continued: "I talked about you. My mother want to know you, she's really ecstatic and curious."
"I hope to make the right impression." Sho replied a bit unsure.
"I'm sure they will love you." Masaki reached out for his lover's hand and gently caressed it. "Because I'm happy with you."
"I'm more happy." Sakurai replied with a confident smirk.
"I'm sure I'm the most happy between us two." Aiba answered back to his boyfriend sticking out his tongue. They both laughed with their full hearts because they were finally happy together and nothing and nobody would ever being able to break them apart anymore.

The End~

Do you really think that this is really the end ?? xD Well, yes that's the end but I just thought of a little one-shot that is like a sequel or better "what happens when they go to Chiba?" xD Although I've not started to write it yet *bows*

I enjoyed writing this fanfic very very much and I'd like to thank my old b-reader [ profile] imsandi and my new b-reader [ profile] andreja1989 with a big big hug! I do a lot of grammar mistakes and they helped me a lot to make this fanfic enjoyable for everyone ^O^ 

And I want to give lots of thanks to all of you who read my fanfic and stuck to my always late updates m(_ _)m
I'm really grateful for all of your comments and suggests ^O^ *hugs*

Stay tuned if you enjoyed this fanfic because there's another Sakuraiba coming soon ^O^ I'm already working on it and the title will be "So close but so far". Soon I will post some teaser ;D


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