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Title: While I wait for you
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: AU, angst, romance, fluff, slice of life
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Note: Sho-centric
Summary: Sho visits his granny in the hospital and meets a mysterious man who stole his heart.

Do you remember, Masaki? The first day we've met. )

khyaaaaaaa!!! A little angst and romantic fanfic for Valentine!! ^O^
(Well, I'm late bacause in my country Valentine's Day was yesterday.)

I thought to write also Aiba's PoV but I'm not sure about it yet.
Let me know what you think about it =D
I always love to read your comments ~♥

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TITLE: H presents
Author [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Genre: smut, romance
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sakuraiba
Summary: Sakurai gave some pervert birthday presents to Aiba but they didn't had the chance to try them until...
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakurai and Aiba nor the sexy toys used in this fanfiction. Well, just a couple of them LOL
a/n: I already had the idea to write a smut for Sho's birthday because that foxy smirk hides a pervert bad boy in my imagination xD This is the sequel for "Little fights lead to a great party". Just for reference, the Qipao is the typical Chinese dress that Arashi wore to celebrate Aiba's birthday. I wanted to use a Hanfu like this one ( that is more elegant but I didn't know how to justify Sho for keeping such a dress in his closet xD
And if you don't know some Italian dish that I used, I will describe them at the end of the fanfic =) Just to let you know that I didn't poison them xD

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Title: Little fights can lead to a great party
Author [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Beta [ profile] andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairings: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sho proposed to organize a party for his lover but he needed help from the others because he is too busy. Nino who is the one with less work offered himself as party planner but things don't go in the way he likes it.

Disclaimer: this time I don't own nor Arashi, neither the plot xD gambitsfox indly suggested the idea =)

A/n: This is a sequel of all my birthday's fanfics of this year xD You know, I love linking them and inserting some already happened facts here and there xD Again thanks a lot t [ profile] gambitsfox

"O-Tanjoubi Omedeto!!" )

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TITLE: Our new love-nest.
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Genre: fluff, romance
Pairing: Ohmiya, slight Sakuraiba
Discalimer: I don’t own Arashi, I just have fun imaging things about them xD
Summary: Sequel of ‘First thing in the morning’. When they start to live together, things are not as they imagined to be.
a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Sleeping Beauty of Arashi ~(^O^~) 

Naite nai! )

a/n: if you want to know what happened to Jun's door knob, go here xD 
If you like this fanfic, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! AND PARTY FOR RIIDA'S B-DAY ;D 

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Title: The party failed!
Genre: fluff and friendship
Summary: it's Jun's 29th birthday and the other four decide to hold a special party.
Disclaimer: None of the guys are mine. I just own the plot and the ugly cake! xD 
Just a little clarification:
 - for sukiyaki I took the idea from Shiyagare 12/05/2012 with Aniki Guest Kitajima Kousuke;
 - for Ohno's present I took the idea from Scene Dome MC, where Ohno kept on saying that Jun was cute with that hairstyle xD
ENJOY!! ~ 

"Moshi moshi, Keiji-san." )

The ugly cake!! ~(^0^)~ )


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Title: Mi sei mancato...
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Pairing: RyoPi (Nishikido Ryo x Yamashita Tomohisa)
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned Yamapi, I would make him go around bare chest all the time xD And for Nishikido...well, I don't dare to own him, I fear I'd be killed xD

a/n: my dear readers, I ask for forgiveness but this fanfiction is written in italian. It's a request from my lovely [ profile] mery_chan_89
il titolo è banale, purtroppo lo il rapporto che c'è fra me e i titoli è lo stesso che ha Siwon con le sue camicie o Sakurai con la moda ùù insomma un disastro! xD


Mi sei mancato... )
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Title: The first thing in the morning...
Genre: fluff, romance
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: It's Nino's 29th birthday and Ohno will grant him three wishes.
disclaimer: I don't own them, otherwise my fanfictions would be turned into movies...well more AVs xD 
a/n: it's un-betaed so I hope you will forgive my mistakes but well, it's our favourite brat's birthday today ^O^ 
Let's party!!! 

"Forever Ohmiya" )
a/n: What do you think about it?? ;D
I didn't intend to write a sequel at first...however some good ideas appeared in my mind and I added that last line just to tease you a bit. xD
I've to apologize m(_ _)m
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Here I am again! I know I'm incredibly late with my on-going fanfiction and I ask for all your forgiveness m(_ _)m 
But today I'm here to celebrate 'cause it's Sho-kun's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! \(^___^)/
And I've to thank [ profile] lovu_lovu_aiba 'cause she reminded me that I had to do something for our KEIO BOY's birthday ^_^"
So enjoy my fanfic! 

Title: The day my happiness was born...
Author: [ profile] vikyfaxerfeit
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: it doesn't need it 'cause it's too simple and fluffy \(^__^)/

Douzo ~ )

    And to close with perfection... 


he's 30 years old, you know? LOL    
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